Hi there! I'm an experienced Graphic Designer and a recent Art Director graduate. I am originally from Nicaragua, and I've been living in Miami, Florida for thirteen years. In 2010, I completed my undergraduate studies at Florida International University (FIU) in Communication and Marketing. For the next seven years, I worked as a strategic graphic designer in different marketing companies until becoming a proficient graphic designer. In 2018, I earned a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and Art Direction at FIU and Miami Ad School. My passion for innovative concepts, dynamic visuals, effective strategies, handicrafts, and chocolate (of course!) has made me an experienced, visionary, and multidisciplinary designer.

I'm always open for new and exciting opportunities, so feel free to reach out.

A couple of things about me

I have a weakness for creating long-fun passwords.

When I eat gum, I make an origami boat with the gum wrap. 

I strongly believe that an avocado a day keeps the doctor away.

I have never seen snow.

Things I like doing

Art Direction

Brand Ideation

Print & Packaging

Stop Motion


Art & Crafts



2013 - Gems Group Best Employee of the Year

2014 - Gems Group Best Employee of the Year

2017 - Miami Ad School Top Dog Paw

2018 - Miami Ad School Top Dog Paw


Photo by Rey Pineda